7:42:00 PM

2nd October 2012, Tuesday. (A few days away from PMR)

It was the day when I woke up and suddenly realized that as the time flies, everything that I did was overwhelming. Everyday, it was always the same routine. I woke up, get ready for school, go to school, study (learn the same thing), go back home, sit infront of the computer, staring at my social network sites for hours, eat, pray, study some more and then go to sleep.

I've been depressed (like really depressed) I get so overwhelmed with everything I try to accomplish to make life better and it sinks me a little deeper. It's so tense. To be honest, it is tiring. I am too tired to be tired. I'm not trying to be whiny but that's how I feel. Sometimes, I just wish that time would stop for awhile. I need a break from all of this. I need a timeout.

It's crazy but I think a part of me wants to stop living.

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