What It Means to Be A Muslim

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We are so busy mending with things that sometimes we forgot to stop and take a look at outside of our bubbles. At each passing minutes, somewhere, a Muslim is born, a Muslim dies, a Muslim is confuse with his/her identity, a Muslim betrays, a Muslim murtad, a child of Muslims is aborted, a Muslim takes a bribe, a Muslim condemning his own religion and the list goes on and on. So how are these representing Islam? What is the true meaning of a muslim? 

First of all, being a Muslim means that we should put the deen over our priorities. In other words, we should always put Islam ahead of us instead of behind. For example, just how many of today’s Muslim in Malaysia choses job that abstain them from carrying their obligations as a Muslim? I personally experienced this before because I once worked at a place that forbids Muslims from performing solat, whatnot the Friday Prayer. But Alhamdulillah, I manage to survive for 4 months saying that I went to the washroom so that I could go to pray. There was also a recent case regarding a nurse in a private hospital that was fired from her job because she was only covering her aurah which is against the policy of the dress code in that hospital. As you can see, there are discrimination that happened towards Muslims in the working sector. But as a Muslim, we should try our best to avoid it and look for another option.

Second, being a Muslim means that we have to set aside all of our ego and let ourselves being guided to the truth. Once we embrace and fully submit to Allah SWT, that is when we truly found the peace and serenity that we are looking for. It also makes us appreciate more that we are born a Muslim. Many Muslim women said that they are not ready to cover their aurah as if they are waiting for the right moment. When is the right moment? Sometimes we want to change but we keep stalling it, making excuses and procrastinate about it. Here is an advice. If you have the slightest feeling of wanting to change, just do it because the feeling of wanting to get closer to God is actually a blessing. You don’t have to necessarily make a drastic change overnight but at least you are making progress, gradually. That is the most important thing.

Next, being a Muslim means constantly proving ourselves and everyone else out there that we are stronger than we are. Tell me if there is a religion in this whole wide world that is being protested and attacked day by day by the non-Muslims other than Islam? Be it in the media or in physical war? They say that Muslims are terrorists, Islam is an extremist religion. Yes, prove them that we are extremely kind that even an act of smile is a form of ibadah which we are rewarded for doing it. Allah SWT is also extremely forgiving and compassionate that He forgives our sins. The media also some sort of tell us what to do and what not to do, what is cool what is trending. They created this idea that we should just do what we want to do because we only live once. But they’re wrong. They don’t know that for us, this world is only temporary. Our real goal is to live our life to the fullest in the next life.

Last but not least, being a Muslim means that it’s not just about saving our self, but to save other people as well. I believe that a Muslim is not yet a true Muslim if he or she does not spread da'wah. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways and mediums that we can use. Do not limit da'wah to only majlis majlis ilmu in mosques, majlis zikir, or for God sake tv programs that claim they are producing da'ie(s). That is not a good da'wah. Da'wah is about going out there and truly deals with the reality. The real social problems that become the epidemic of our ummah. So, If you’re a good writer, then write. If you can speak well, then speak up. Spread the message of Islam whenever we get the chance to do so.

In conclusion, I urge Muslims to be more firm in protecting our religion from being tormented by others and stand up for our rights. Can you imagine how would the world be, how would Malaysia be as a country if Muslims unite and stand together as one. If we cannot be good enough in other people’s eyes, at least we should be in the eyes of Allah..

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