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I am not a public speaker nor a debater but I'm not exactly bad at public speaking. It's just that I have this huge feeling of anxiety everytime I am told to go to the front and speak infront of people. Everyone has anxiety. No matter how confident you are at front, you will always have this uncomfortable feeling inside of you before you actually does something that makes you feel super nervous about. The bad thing about anxiety is that it shows. Be it scratching your head for no reason, sweating, fidgeting, making unnecessary movement, laughing or fixing your hijab even though you already know that it's already on point! Well, that's the bad part. The worst part of anxiety is that if we are unable to control it, it will eventually be a blockage for us to speak or to do something. That is why some people having a hard time presenting and delivering to people. I was like that once. Alhamdulillah, I took Public Speaking class last semester and my lecturer taught me how to deal with anxiety. So I thought I could share with you guys too.

First of all, anxiety is natural. Even the most confident people have it. They too, get butterflies in their bellies. It's just that they are awesome at not making it obvious. That is why number 1, confidence is important.

Second, anxiety in mind comes when you're overthinking. Mostly about yourself. You are worried that something is wrong with you, you are frightened of the idea that everyone in the room will be looking at you or your tudung is senget and whatnot. That explains the unnecessary behaviour that I have mentioned above. So, stop worrying too much. Take a deep breath and carry on.

Third, and the most important thing is think about the message you want to deliver, the content of it and with that, you will stop worrying about your appearance. Fix your intention right away. "I am here to deliver this message." "The reason why I'm speaking infront of these people is so that they will understand my speech." Recite dua' before you begin, and in shaa Allah biiznillah your anxiety will slowly go away.

Hope it helps!

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